Oregon Youthline Day 30 #BeWellChallenge

April 30, 2018
@or_youthline brings you #Day30 of the 30-day #bewellchallenge ・・・ Today is day 30 of the 30-day #BeWellChallenge from @wellbeing_trust Today the challenge is to do something good for the world. Today we’re challenging you to do something good for the world. Studies have found that people who consistently help others experience less depression and have better overall health. Plus, I mean, you’re helping other people! Now it is your turn - tell us how you #helptheworld post a video or photo of what you do to make the world better. #bewellchallenge @wellbeing_trust

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Kia Shine Day 30 #BeWellChallenge
Kia Shine Day 30 #BeWellChallenge

@kinfolk_kiashine brings you #Day30 #BeWellChallenge ・・・ #CoffeewithKinfolk @coffeewithkinfolk Share a vid...